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Learn How to Get a List of College Coaches' Emails So You Can Get Yourself Recruited

How to Find a List of College Coaches' Email Addresses

... Is it Better to Look Them Up or Buy Them?

It's pretty easy to find email addresses for college coaches without paying a dime. There are also services that maintain college coaches contact information and sell this data, as well as a searchable college database for a reasonable fee. Finally, there are expensive recruiting agencies that provide college coaches emails with the service they sell you. Your choice will depend on your budget and whether you are targeting a group of select schools or are just starting out in your college recruitment process, and doing a very broad search.

There Are 3 Basic Ways to Get College Coaches Emails:

look them up yourself

Visit the athletic team page on each college's website and make your own list. This method is free but a little time consuming.


Purchase in Bulk

You can buy a complete list from services like College Coaches Online or Collegiate Directories. You can get them online, on CD, and also on paper.


Use a Recruiting Service

Pay thousands and use a recruiting service or recruiting agency.


1.)   Look College Coaches Up Yourself for Free

If you just want email addresses of 10-20 college coaches, and you already have an idea of the type of college you are targeting, then it's definitely most cost-effective to simply look up college coaches email addresses from their respective athletics pages within their college websites and compile them in a spreadsheet. For example, if you were looking for Harvard Football Coaches' names, emails and phone numbers, just put "Harvard Football Coaches" into Google. One of the top returns will take you directly to "Harvard Football Coaches' webpage, where you can copy and paste to your heart's content.

Once You Have those Emails, Begin Building Your Recruiting Video

2.)   Purchase College Coaches Emails from a Service

There are several services that offer a complete list of all college coaches emails online, on a cd, or in a paper catalog. Two of the more popular ones are College Coaches Online and Collegiate Directories. College Coaches Online offers the unique benefit of being able to add GPA and test scores into their search engine. Most students and parents do not understand how particular many colleges are about GPAs and test scores, even for athletes looking to get recruited. So College Coaches Online can help you target your schools and save you time in the long run.

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3.)   Get Emails from a Recruiting Service

Pretty much all of the large recruiting services like BeRecruited, NCSA, CaptainU, etc., offer a way for athletes to directly email coaches from their recruiting software. These services do a good job of keeping their college coaches contacts current, but the growth of the recruiting industry is driving many athletes and their parents to send mass emails, with the end result of flooding college coaches inboxes to the point where some college coaches have stopped paying attention to mail coming in from these services. I, personally, did not have a good experience with one of these services because they far overestimated the type of college that I could get recruited to. The same service delivered a smattering of off-target colleges to my sister when she went through the recruiting process.

Why It's Better to Contact College Coaches on Your Own

College coaches really do want to hear from you, not a recruiting service. So in my opinion, you are far better off putting together a list of colleges that your parents and your college counselor thinks is academically appropriate for you, and contacting the coaches from those colleges yourself. Whether you grab their emails off their college webpages or purchase them from College Coaches Online, that's up to you.

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